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4219 Zone Expander 5800CO Wireless CO Detector 5800Micra
5800PIR-RES 5800RP 5800RPS
5802MN 5802MN2 5802WXT-2
5811 5815 5816
5816MN 5817 5818MNL
5828 5828V 5834-4
5878 5881ENH Wireless Receiver 5881ENL
5883H 6148 6150
6160RF 6160V 7847i Internet Communicator
Casil CA1240 Casil CA631 Detex ECL-230D
Detex ECL-230D-PH EnerSys NP4-6 Envisa Link 3
FortrezZ Z-wave Wireless Siren GE Security 250-CO GE Security 260-CO
GSM4G GSMV4G Cellular Communicator GSMVLP5
Honeywell 5814 Honeywell 5822T ILP5 Internet Communicator
IS215T IS216 L3000 LYNX Plus
L5000 L5100 Z-Wave Module Lockey 2210
Lockey 2835 Lockey 2945 Lockey C-150
Lockey E-930R Lockey E-Remote Lockey E910-R
Lockey E985-R Lockey EPro-R Lockey Key Box
Lockey M210 Lockey M210 EZ Lockey PB1100
Lockey TB100 Lockey TB175 LYNX L5100
LYNXR-2 Macurco GD-6 Macurco HD-11
NP7-12 Power-Sonic PS-1270 PSC-12300A-C Switch-Mode Charger
System Sensor CO1224T Tuxedo Touch UltraTech UT-1270
UT12120 UT1240 Verizon Optical Network
Vista 10P Vista 128BPT Vista 15P
Vista 21iP Vista 250BPT Vista-20P Control Panel
WAVE2 Yuasa NP4-12 ZWSTAT Thermostat

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Can a 7847i Internet Communicator be connected to the Vista 10P?

By Petra Paulson Although the Vista 10P does lack some of the features that higher Vista Panels possess, it is compatible with the 7847i Internet Communicator . To install the 7847i Internet Communic

Can a burglar cut through a 2210 Mechanical Deadbolt Lock?

By Petra Paulson No, the Lockey 2210 Mechanical Deadbolt cannot be severed by a saw. This lock is constructed from strong, stainless steel that can withstand hacksaw cutting. Not only that, but it's

Can a Honeywell 6150 Keypad program a Honeywell security system?

By Petra Paulson Yes, a 6150 Keypad can program a Honeywell security system. That said, this fixed English keypad provides the user with limited feedback on programming, and isn't designed to navi

Can I add sirens to the Vista 20P? And if so, how many?

By Petra Paulson Absolutely!  But understand that your available power supply is ultimately the limiting factor as to how many sirens the Vista 20P can support. First thing to remember is that y

Can I control the LYNX Plus L3000 using a smartphone?

By Petra Paulson Yes, the LYNX Plus L3000 can be controlled using a smartphone. But this is only available through Honeywell's Total Connect Service. To qualify for Total Connect, a GSMVLP cellular c

Can I install a GFMV4G Cellular Communicator on my Vista 21iP?

By Petra Paulson It is not recommended that you install the GSMV4G with your Vista 21iP  unless you are trying to get increased cellular signal strength to your panel. Because the Vista 21iP alr

Can I install more than one Honeywell Tuxedo Touch keypad to my existing security system?

By Petra Paulson The short answer is that you can...sometimes. First, you need to find out how many Tuxedo Touches your existing panel can support. Both the Tuxedo Touch and the Tuxedo Touch WIFI req

Can I install the 5800MICRA mini recessed transmitter on a door?

By Petra Paulson The 5800MICRA can be used in either a door or a window. However, the sensor is recessed, which means you must be able to drill a hole into the door wide enough to accommodate the 0.7

Can I use Compass Software to program my Vista 20P Control Panel?

By Petra Paulson It is possible for ambitious end users to use Compass Software to program a Vista 20P. However, compass software is most commonly used by dealers to quickly program Vista series cont

Can I use Total Connect to program my LYNX Plus L3000?

By Petra Paulson It's difficult, but you can program your LYNX Plus L3000 security system using Total Connect. Total Connect lets users remotely arm/disarm the panel, or check in on the s

Can I use WIFI as a primary communicator on the LYNX L5100, and a GSM cellular communicator as a backup?

By Petra Paulson A GSM Cellular Communicator is always recommended to be used as a primary communicator for your security system. Cellular Communicators are more reliable than internet (IP) communica

Can I wire two Casil CA1240 batteries in parallel?

By Petra Paulson Yes, you can! And here's how: With jumper wire, connect the positive terminals on Battery 1 and Battery 2. Connect the negative terminals on Battery 1 and 2. Finally, connect the pos

Can the Casil CA1240 alarm battery be used to power any other devices?

By Petra Paulson Absolutely! While the Casil CA1240 is most commonly used as a backup battery for security panels, like the Honeywell Vista Series , it can also be used to power a host of other devic

Can the Honeywell L3000 support APL?

By Petra Paulson The L3000 LYNX Plus will support APL if the control panel is a 21.10 version or higher. What is APL? APL (Advanced Protection Logic) is a Honeywell alarm monitoring technology that p

Can the L5100 LYNX Touch support dual-path monitoring?

By Petra Paulson Yes, the L5100 LYNX Touch can support dual-path monitoring. Prior LYNX models, like the L3000 PLUS and the L5000 , didn't allow users to access dual-path monitoring, but with the L51

Can the Lynx Touch L5100 work without Total Connect?

By Petra Paulson Yes, the Lynx Touch L5100  can work without the Total Connect service. The Lynx Touch is an all-in-one control panel and touchscreen keypad with a built-in telephone dialer

Can the Macurco HD-11 Hydrogen Gas Detector be used in industrial facilities?

By Petra Paulson No, the HD-11 Hydrogen Gas Detector is not meant for industrial facilities. This includes refineries, distilleries, factories, and other industrial plants. Here are a few things to c

Can the Tuxedo Touch control Z-wave Leviton lights?

By Petra Paulson Yes, as long as your Leviton light switch is Z-wave compatible. The Tuxedo Touch and Tuxedo Touch WiFi not only control your Honeywell control panel , but they're a Z-wave controller

Can Total Connect let my Vista 20P control a ZWSTAT Thermostat?

By Petra Paulson No, Total Connect does not allow Z-Wave thermostats (or other Z-wave devices) to be controlled by a Vista 20P Control Panel . Only Z-Wave controllers are compatible with Z-Wave devic

Can wired contacts be used with my LYNX Touch?

By Petra Paulson The L5100 does support wired contacts. The L5100's first zone is hardwired and uses only dry contacts.  It has a maximum wire resistance of 2300 ohms (in addition to EOLR) and n