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How do I connect a 5800WAVE siren to my L5000 Control Panel?

By Petra Paulson The 5800WAVE siren must be programmed with a House ID code that matches the L5000's House ID. To program the L5000 House ID: From the home screen, select "More", then "Tools." Type i

How do I program my 5816 wireless sensor?

By Petra Paulson The 5816 wireless sensor is programmed differently depending on what Honeywell Control Panel is being used. For wireless control panels, the receiver required to communicate with the

How do you enroll a Honeywell 5816 with the L3000 Plus?

By Petra Paulson The L3000 has a voice prompt programming feature that can take you step-by-step through the enrolling process. Enter this mode by entering the installer code, then (888). The system

What is an unsupervised button RF?

By Petra Paulson Wireless Key fobs and panic buttons are usually programmed using the unsupervised button RF device type. The reason they are unsupervised is because users often take these devices ou

Where do I find the serial number for my 5816 wireless sensor?

By Petra Paulson There are typically two stickers on the 5816 wireless sensor where the device serial number is printed. One sticker, which is sometimes removed by professional installers, is located