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How do you enroll a Honeywell 5816 with the L3000 Plus?

Last Updated: 11/19/2013

The L3000 has a voice prompt programming feature that can take you step-by-step through the enrolling process. Enter this mode by entering the installer code, then (888). The system will respond by saying, "Programming, use arrows to scroll choices. Press select to accept, press escape to quit." The prompt will guide you from here. As a warning, have the magnet handy, because, during device enrollment, you will need to place it beside the 5816 transmitter.

To manually program the sensor, enter the *56 zone programming mode via the installer menu. If you plan to install the sensor on an unused window/door, then designate the 5816 as a "Perimeter" zone. If you're installing it to an access point that is used while the system is armed, program the zone type as "Entry/Exit 1". Program an "RF" input type so the device will be supervised. Set it to loop #2. Set to loop #1 if you are wiring a N.C. (normally closed) contact loop.

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