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How do I program my 5816 wireless sensor?

Last Updated: 11/20/2013

The 5816 wireless sensor is programmed differently depending on what Honeywell Control Panel is being used.

For wireless control panels, the receiver required to communicate with the 5816 is already built in to the panel. The same is not true for Vista Panels, which require the user to add a wireless receiver and an alphanumeric keypad, like the 6160. The 6160RF is recommended because it's an alpha numeric keypad with a 5881ENH wireless receiver built in.

For LYNX Wireless Systems (L5100, L5000, L3000)...
LYNX security systems offer two programming options: voice prompted or expert.

For the voice prompted programming mode: Type in your installer code, then (888). The word "Pro" will appear on the screen. (The L3000 has a voice feature that will announce an audible programming message). Follow the prompted installation directions for the 5816.

For the expert programming mode: From the home touch screen, click "More", then "Tools", and type your installer code into the keypad. Select "Program" then "Zones". In the zone menu, program all fields. Enroll the serial number by manually entering it into the field provided or simply activate the 5816 three times in a row, and the serial number will automatically appear on the display.

For Vista Control Panels (Vista 20P, Vista 21iP)...

Type in the installer code, then (800). Press *56. Now program the fields. The 5816 should be set as "supervised RF". Program the zone to loop 2 if you are using the 5816's internal reed switch along with its corresponding magnet. Program to loop 1 if you're wiring a normally closed circuit. Both loop 1 and 2 can be programmed for those who want to wire a normally closed circuit and use the internal reed switch as well.

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