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Can I wire two Casil CA1240 batteries in parallel?

By Petra Paulson Yes, you can! And here's how: With jumper wire, connect the positive terminals on Battery 1 and Battery 2. Connect the negative terminals on Battery 1 and 2. Finally, connect the pos

Can the Casil CA1240 alarm battery be used to power any other devices?

By Petra Paulson Absolutely! While the Casil CA1240 is most commonly used as a backup battery for security panels, like the Honeywell Vista Series , it can also be used to power a host of other devic

How do I install a new, Casil CA1240 backup battery onto my alarm control panel?

By Petra Paulson When a low battery indicator appears on your alarm control panel, then it's time to replace your old battery with a new, Alarm Backup Battery . As far as reliability, lifespan, and p