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Can I wire two Casil CA1240 batteries in parallel?

Last Updated: 12/06/2013

Yes, you can! And here's how:

With jumper wire, connect the positive terminals on Battery 1 and Battery 2. Connect the negative terminals on Battery 1 and 2. Finally, connect the positive and negative wires to the correct terminals on your device (making sure to observe polarity).

Wiring 6 volt or 12 volt sealed lead-acid batteries in parallel...
will keep the voltage the same but double the Ah output. For instance, wiring two 12V, 4Ah Casil CA1240 batteries in parallel will result in a 12 volt, 8ah (4ah + 4ah) output. Be sure you're wiring batteries that are of the same voltage, capacity, and type. Neglecting to do so will ultimately hurt the performance of your batteries.

Click here for instructions on how to connect batteries in series.

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