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Can I install a GFMV4G Cellular Communicator on my Vista 21iP?

Last Updated: 11/06/2013
It is not recommended that you install the GSMV4G with your Vista 21iP unless you are trying to get increased cellular signal strength to your panel.

Because the Vista 21iP already has a 7847i internet communicator built in, most people opt for the more affordable Vista 20P Control Panel and then outfit it with the GSMV4G cellular communicator. Also, the Vista 21iP has a cellular communicator (GSM4G) that is specially designed to snap directly onto the control board.

To install a GSMV4G to your Vista21iP...
you will need to first turn off the internal GSM4G communicator.  Then find a remote location with better signal strength to install your GSMV4G communicator.  Finally, follow the same steps as you would with the Vista 20P.  Click here for instructions on how to install.

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