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Can I install more than one Honeywell Tuxedo Touch keypad to my existing security system?

Last Updated: 12/04/2013

The short answer is that you can...sometimes. First, you need to find out how many Tuxedo Touches your existing panel can support. Both the Tuxedo Touch and the Tuxedo Touch WIFI require the use of a single AUI (Advanced User Interface) address.

The list below shows how many AUI devices each panel supports:

Honeywell VISTA-10P: 0 AUIs, or Tuxedo Touch keypads

Honeywell VISTA-15P: 2 AUIs/keypads

Honeywell VISTA-20P: 4 AUIs/keypads

Honeywell VISTA-21iP: 4 AUIs/keypads

Honeywell VISTA-50P: 0 AUIs/keypads

Honeywell VISTA-128BPT or the VISTA-250BPT: 6 AUIs/keypads

Simply map your Tuxedo Touch to addresses 01 and 02, as most panels default-enable those fields for AUI devices.

Please note that Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0 uses one AUI zone, so be sure to subtract 1 from the numbers above if you are using/plan to use the Total Connect 2.0 service.

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