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Should my Yuasa NP7-12 battery be installed in the upright position?

By Petra Paulson The NP7-12 battery is completely non-spillable, which means it can be oriented any way you like during installation. 12V, 7Ah sealed lead-acid batteries aren't called "sealed" for no

What does the difference in Ah levels mean between the Yuasa NP7-12 and the NP4-12?

By Petra Paulson The NP7-12 and the NP4-12 are both 12 Volt Sealed Lead-Acid batteries commonly used as a backup power supply for alarm control panels, like the Vista Series Panels . The main differe

What kind of terminals does the NP7-12 Yuasa Battery have?

By Petra Paulson The NP7-12 is equipped with F1 terminals. The red and black labeled tabs at the top of the battery are 0.187 inches (3/16") wide. A terminal of that width is referred to as an F1 ter

What should I do if my Yuasa NP7-12 SLA battery appears to be swelling?

By Petra Paulson A swelling battery tends to result from overcharging and should immediately be removed from its charger or the device to which it's currently connected. Continuing to charge your Yua