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How can I tell if my GD-6 needs to be recalibrated?

By Petra Paulson There are certain tell-tale signs that your GD-6 detector needs to be recalibrated. The most common are listed below. If the Fan Relay fails to close during a Fan Relay test. If the

How do I calibrate my GD-6 detector?

By Petra Paulson Follow these simple instructions to make sure your GD-6 detector is properly calibrated. Note : Always use certified calibration gas with proper concentration when calibrating. The G

How do I install my Macurco GD-6?

By Petra Paulson Please follow the 9-step instructional guide below to install your Macurco GD-6 Combustible Gas Detector. 1. This detector mounts on a type 4S, contractor-supplied electrical box. 2.

How do I protect my GD-6 Combustible Gas Detector from false alarms?

By Petra Paulson Mounting the GD-6 away from areas where interfering gases are prevalent can help avoid false alarms. These gases include alcohol, paint thinner, gasoline vapor, aerosol propellants (

How do I zero the sensor on my GD-6 Combustible Gas Detector?

By Petra Paulson The Macurco GD-6 Combustible Gas Detector can be "zeroed" to calibrate the device after it's been installed. Follow the steps below to zero the device's sensor. 1. Take the cover off

Is my GD-6 Combustible Gas Detector backed by a warranty?

Yes, the Macurco GD-6 Combustible Gas Detector is backed by a two year manufacturer's warranty. The warranty stipulates that the device will function properly as long as the GD-6 is adequately mainta

Is there a quick way to test my GD-6 combustible gas detector?

By Petra Paulson Yes, there is! A quick test of your detector can be performing using a cigarette lighter. Here's how: 1. Power on the GD-6 detector and give it at least 3 minutes to warm up. 2. Make

What kinds of gas does the GD-6 detect?

By Petra Paulson The GD-6 is a combustible gas detector. It is capable of detecting Methane (NG), Propane (LP), and Hydrogen (H2) gas. The GD-6 detector is sensitive to 0-50% LEL (Lower Explosive Lim

Where is the best place to mount the GD-6 Combustible Gas Detector?

By Petra Paulson MOUNT THE GD-6 Combustible Gas Detector ... 1. On a contractor supplied 4S electrical box. 2. In an area where gas leaks could occur, such as near gas appliances, pipes, or battery s

Will my GD-6 immediately start working with my alarm control panel after installation?

By Petra Paulson Not quite. First, the GD-6 Combustible Gas Detector has to power up, which takes 60 seconds. During this time, the detector performs an internal self-test where its firmware version