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How can I tell if my GD-6 needs to be recalibrated?

Last Updated: 12/10/2013

There are certain tell-tale signs that your GD-6 detector needs to be recalibrated. The most common are listed below.

If the Fan Relay fails to close during a Fan Relay test.
If the Alarm relay doesn't operate properly during an Alarm Relay Test.
If the GD-6 fails to detect gas from a cigarette lighter during the quick gas test (and you've made sure the lighter is full).

Should you experience any of these situations, then there's a good chance that you're detector needs to be recalibrated. To be safe, whenever installing or relocating a GD-6 detector, or any Macurco gas detector, make sure to test and recalibrate the device if possible.

Click here for instructions on running a calibration test.

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