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How do I calibrate my GD-6 detector?

Last Updated: 12/09/2013

Follow these simple instructions to make sure your GD-6 detector is properly calibrated.

Note: Always use certified calibration gas with proper concentration when calibrating. The GD-6 can be calibrated with 10% LEL Methane, 10% LEL Propane, or 10% LEL Hydrogen gas, along with a calibration hood and a regulator. Using gas that's past expiration can yield undesirable results.

1. Take off the GD-6 front cover by removing the screw.
2. Attach the regulator to the 10% LEL gas cylinder. Make certain the gas the GD-6 measures (Methane, Propane, Hydrogen) matches the gas in the cylinder.
3. Test the regulator pressure gauge. If there is less than 26 psi, the gas canister needs to be replaced.
4. Put the gas sensor under the regulator test hood.
5. From normal mode, press Next four times until "CAL" is displayed. Then press Enter, and Next to arrive at the Calibration Span Mode (SPn).
6. Press Enter. "10" will be displayed.
7. Apply gas to the sensor.
8. If the display alternates between "gas concentration and SPn", then the sensor detects gas. This process can take up to 165 seconds, and ends when "PAS" and "10" flash on the display. Remove the gas. You will return to normal mode, and calibration is complete.
9. If "FAL" is displayed, then calibration failed. Check the regulator pressure gauge to make sure it's over 25psi. If not, replace with a cylinder that meets pressure requirements. Should calibration continue to fail, call Macurco technical assistance (1-800-237-9049).

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