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Is there a way to test the lock and battery on the Detex ECL-230D-PH Long Bar?

By Petra Paulson Yes, there is. Below are instructions for running a lock/battery test on the Detex ECL-230D-PH . 1. Close the door. Turn the IKC key 360 degrees clockwise. The bolt will extend into

Why is the key control cylinder hard to turn on the Detex ECL-230-D-PH?

By Petra Paulson If the key control cylinder is hard to turn, the Detex ECL-230D-PH is probably out of alignment. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem: 1. Open the door with the paddle bar,

Why won't the siren go off on my Detex ECL-230D-PH when the bar is pushed?

Chances are there is something wrong with the battery in your Detex ECL-230D-PH . 1. Use the cover key to open the cover by inserting it into the hole and turning the key counter-clockwise up to 8 tu