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Why won't the siren go off on my Detex ECL-230D-PH when the bar is pushed?

Last Updated: 12/16/2013
Chances are there is something wrong with the battery in your Detex ECL-230D-PH.

1. Use the cover key to open the cover by inserting it into the hole and turning the key counter-clockwise up to 8 turns.
2. Separate the cover from the back plate.
3. Check to make sure the battery is properly connected. If it is, make sure you're using a 7 volt battery.
4. Also check for damaged wires. If wires appear damaged, cut, or ruptured, they will need replacing.

If, for some reason, the siren still will not sound, contact Detex Technical Assistance at 1-800-729-3839.

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