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Can the Honeywell L3000 support APL?

Last Updated: 11/14/2013

The L3000 LYNX Plus will support APL if the control panel is a 21.10 version or higher.

What is APL?

APL (Advanced Protection Logic) is a Honeywell alarm monitoring technology that protects homes from adept intruders who either know how to disable your control panel security system before it triggers an alarm. Honeywell Keypads with self-contained control panels, like the L3000 Plus or the L5100, must often be hardwired near a main entry point so the user has ample time to enter a code to disarm the system when entering. This is not necessarily the case with Vista Series Control Panels, which can be stored in metal cabinets away from main entryways. However, if an intruder were able to damage or destroy the L3000, no alarm signal would ever reach central station. APL is only available for systems with an internet or cellular communicator installed.

How APL works...

APL monitors every time a door is opened and a disarm code is entered. While a security system is armed, if a door or window is opened but no disarm code or alarm signal is ever picked up by the central monitoring station, APL assumes an intruder destroyed the security control panel before it could trigger an alarm. APL sends a separate alarm to central station, where an operator will then dispatch police.

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