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How do I program the date and time on my LYNX Plus L3000 Control Panel?

Last Updated: 11/20/2013

The LYNX PLUS L3000 Control Panel has a voice prompt setting that guides you through date/time programming.

Start by disarming your L3000. Type in your master code and then the pound (#) key. Then type (63). This accesses the voice prompt calendar mode, which will proceed to guide you through the rest of date/time programming. You will systematically set the correct hour, AM/PM, the minute, month, day, and year. At anytime, press (#) to have the voice prompt repeat a step. One minute of inactivity will cause the system to automatically exit date/time programming mode. Pressing the "Off" key will send you back to the last menu in case you need to fix a mistake.

Click here to see how to program the date and time for an L5000 or L5100 Control Panel.

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