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Can I control the LYNX Plus L3000 using a smartphone?

By Petra Paulson Yes, the LYNX Plus L3000 can be controlled using a smartphone. But this is only available through Honeywell's Total Connect Service. To qualify for Total Connect, a GSMVLP cellular c

Can I use Total Connect to program my LYNX Plus L3000?

By Petra Paulson It's difficult, but you can program your LYNX Plus L3000 security system using Total Connect. Total Connect lets users remotely arm/disarm the panel, or check in on the s

Can the Honeywell L3000 support APL?

By Petra Paulson The L3000 LYNX Plus will support APL if the control panel is a 21.10 version or higher. What is APL? APL (Advanced Protection Logic) is a Honeywell alarm monitoring technology that p

How do I enable chime mode on my LYNX Plus L3000?

By Petra Paulson Enabling Chime Mode... Disarm your L3000 Control Panel . Press either the pound (#) key or the "Function" key. Then press "Chime" (9 key). This turns on chime mode. To turn it off, r

How do I program the date and time on my LYNX Plus L3000 Control Panel?

By Petra Paulson The LYNX PLUS L3000 Control Panel has a voice prompt setting that guides you through date/time programming. Start by disarming your L3000. Type in your master code and then the pound

How do I program user codes on the L3000 LYNX Plus control panel?

By Petra Paulson The process is simple, but you will need to know the master code to your L3000 Plus . The default master code is usually (1234). 1. Changing a master code : Enter your master code in

How long will the backup battery last for the LYNX Plus L3000 Control Panel?

By Petra Paulson During a power outage, the LYNXRCHKIT-SC battery (for the L3000 ) can provide up to 4 consecutive hours of backup power. Some users opt to upgrade to a larger capacity backup battery

How many sensors can work with the L3000 LYNX Plus?

By Petra Paulson The L3000 can support a maximum of 40 wireless sensors. Like the L5100 , the L3000 is meant to function as a compact, wireless control panel/keypad. The first zone on the L3000 is a

How to I access the programming mode on my LYNX Plus L3000?

By Petra Paulson To access programming mode: 1. Enter your installer code into the L3000 control panel keypad. (The default installer code is 4112) Then type (800) to access the programming mode. 2.