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How do I enable chime mode on my LYNX Plus L3000?

Last Updated: 11/20/2013

Enabling Chime Mode...

Disarm your L3000 Control Panel. Press either the pound (#) key or the "Function" key. Then press "Chime" (9 key). This turns on chime mode. To turn it off, repeat the "Function" - "Chime" sequence. If you see the word "Chime" on your keypad's display, it means that chime mode is enabled. If you don't see "Chime", then chime mode is disabled.

Chime Mode is...

a security system feature whereby users are alerted to open perimeter windows and doors while the system is disarmed. When in chime mode, three audible beeps will sound if someone enters or exits via a perimeter access point. For zones with programmed descriptors, the system will announce the descriptor as well. An alert also appears on the panel's keypad display. Pressing the key labeled "Status" on the L3000 keypad will program the system to announce all instances where perimeter zones are opened.

Click here to see how to enable Chime Mode on the LYNX L5100 or L5000.

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