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How do I program a 5828 keypad to work with my LYNX Touch L5100?

By Petra Paulson The 5828 keypad can only be added to a L5000 or L5100 control panel if it's programmed with a matching House ID. Programming the 5828 keypad House ID... Press and hold keys (1) and (

How do I set the DIP switches on 5881 wireless receivers?

By Petra Paulson DIP switches assign device addresses to the 5881ENL , 5881ENM , and the 5881ENH wireless receivers. Switches 1 and 5 should always remain off. (Switch 5 will only be turned on for co

Is the 5828 keypad compatible with the LYNX L5000 wireless control panel?

By Petra Paulson Yes, the 5828 keypad will work with the L5000 . Actually, both the 5828 and the 5828V keypads are compatible with all Honeywell Control Panels , assuming that panel is outfitted with

What causes my wireless device to experience radio frequency loss?

By Petra Paulson The most common causes radio frequency loss are signal range limitations and interference. When a wireless receiver is outside the range of its corresponding Honeywell Control Panel