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How close do the magnet and transmitter have to be when installing the 5811?

By Petra Paulson The magnet and the transmitter need to be installed within 0.75 inches of each other when the door or window is closed in order for the 5811 to work properly. This distance is ref

How do you install a Honeywell 5811 door and window sensor?

By Petra Paulson The first step is to test mount the 5811 by pairing it with the control panel and making sure you can stay within the maximum magnet/sensor range of 0.75 inches when the door/window

What are the dimensions of the 5811 door/window sensor magnet?

By Petra Paulson 3/4" Long, 1/4" Wide, and 3/16" High. However, the 5811 's magnet comes in a plastic case that's 15/16" Long, 7/16" Wide, and 5/16" High. But if this case is too bulky, it can be rem

What is the difference between the Honeywell 5811 and 5816?

By Petra Paulson There is one key difference between these two wireless door/window contacts : the 5811 protects a single window/door within its wireless zone, and the 5816's internal screw terminals

What is the distance gap between a 5811 sensor and its magnet?

By Petra Paulson The 5811 sensor and its magnet should be mounted less than 0.75 inches apart. How the 5811 works: The 5811 monitors the distance between the magnet and its sensor. This distance is r

What kind of battery does the 5811 wireless sensor use for power?

By Petra Paulson The 5811 uses a CR2032 3V lithium dioxide coin cell battery. Renata, Panasonic, and Sanyo brand lithium batteries are recommended. As soon as a low battery indicator appears on your