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What are the dimensions of the 5811 door/window sensor magnet?

Last Updated: 11/14/2013

3/4" Long, 1/4" Wide, and 3/16" High.

However, the 5811's magnet comes in a plastic case that's 15/16" Long, 7/16" Wide, and 5/16" High. But if this case is too bulky, it can be removed and the magnet can be mounted to the door or window using bonding agent.

How the 5811 works:

The 5811 wireless door/window sensor works with a magnet to help detect when a window or door is being accessed. When a gap is created between the magnet and its corresponding sensor, the security system will know the access point has been opened and an alarm will be triggered. The magnet is mounted to the surface of the moving door or window. The transmitter is mounted to the stationary window or door frame. When closed, the magnet and sensor must be less than 0.75 inches apart. Once this distance gap is breached, an alarm will sound.

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