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Can I install more than one Honeywell Tuxedo Touch keypad to my existing security system?

By Petra Paulson The short answer is that you can...sometimes. First, you need to find out how many Tuxedo Touches your existing panel can support. Both the Tuxedo Touch and the Tuxedo Touch WIFI req

Can the Tuxedo Touch control Z-wave Leviton lights?

By Petra Paulson Yes, as long as your Leviton light switch is Z-wave compatible. The Tuxedo Touch and Tuxedo Touch WiFi not only control your Honeywell control panel , but they're a Z-wave controller

How do I install a Tuxedo Touch Keypad onto my Honeywell Control Panel?

By Petra Paulson Follow these steps to install the Tuxedo Touch or Tuxedo Touch WiFi Keypad : 1. Drill holes to install the Tuxedo Touch back plate to the wall. Insert wall anchors. Use a level to ma

Is the Tuxedo Touch Controller an alarm system?

By Petra Paulson No, the Tuxedo Touch is NOT an alarm system. The Tuxedo Touch is a graphic touchscreen keypad that is designed to work with Vista Series Control Panels . The Tuxedo Touch keypad c

What's the difference between the 6280 Keypad and the Tuxedo Touch Keypad?

By Petra Paulson Both the 6280S and the Tuxedo Touch are graphic display touchscreen keypads, but the Tuxedo is designed to control Z-Wave devices as well. Each keypad is compatible with all the Vist

Will the Tuxedo Touch work without a control panel?

By Petra Paulson The Tuxedo Touch will only work with Z-Wave devices without a control panel. The Tuxedo Touch was originally designed to control Z-Wave home automation devices like locks , lights, a

Will Tuxedo Touch Keypads work with the Honeywell MID-7H Android?

By Petra Paulson The MID-7H is compatible with the Tuxedo Touch Keypad , but achieving this result requires multiple steps. The MID-7H tablet works as a supplementary keypad for the L5100 control pan