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How do I install a Tuxedo Touch Keypad onto my Honeywell Control Panel?

Last Updated: 12/02/2013

Follow these steps to install the Tuxedo Touch or Tuxedo Touch WiFi Keypad:

1. Drill holes to install the Tuxedo Touch back plate to the wall. Insert wall anchors. Use a level to make sure back plate is properly aligned. Thread the wire through the hole in the back plate, then screw back plate into the wall anchors.
2. Power off the control panel.
3. Connect: auxiliary positive (red wire) to positive sign, auxiliary negative (black wire) to negative sign, Yellow to yellow Data Out, and Green to Green data in. If there are any leftover wires, seal them, and push them back inside the wall.
4. Snap the Tuxedo Touch Keypad onto the back plate.

The Tuxedo Touch Keypad is...
a graphic touchscreen keypad designed to control home automation devices, like Z-Wave thermostats, locks, and light switches, while also giving users basic control of their Honeywell Alarm Control Panel.

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