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Is the Tuxedo Touch Controller an alarm system?

Last Updated: 11/13/2013
No, the Tuxedo Touch is NOT an alarm system.

The Tuxedo Touch is a graphic touchscreen keypad that is designed to work with Vista Series Control Panels. The Tuxedo Touch keypad can be used to control a security system, but it isn't used for system programming, like the 6160 or 6160RF Keypad/Wireless receiver. The Tuxedo Touch is also designed to control Z-Wave compatible devices like locks, lights, thermostats, many other automated electronic devices.

However, if you are looking for a Z-wave compatible keypad that is also an alarm system, you should take a look at Honeywell's LYNX Touch L5100. This control panel/keypad requires a L5100 ZWAVE Module to be installed to work as a Z-Wave device controller.

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