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How do I replace the battery on my Detex ECL-230D?

By Petra Paulson Follow these simple steps to change the battery on the Detex ECL-230D : 1. Turn the cylinder key counterclockwise one full turn. This will simultaneously deactivate the alarm and unl

What should you do if the Detex ECL-230 siren continues to go off after resetting the alarm?

By Petra Paulson Follow these instructions to troubleshoot a malfunctioning Detex ECL-230D siren. 1. Pull back the bolt. 2. Insert the cover key, turn it counter-clockwise 6-8 full turns to take off

Why doesn't the bolt on the Detex ECL-230D retract when I use outside key control?

By Petra Paulson There can be multiple reasons why the Detex ECL-230D bolt won't respond to outside key control. First, remove the Detex unit from the door and check the following things: 1. Make sur