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Why doesn't the bolt on the Detex ECL-230D retract when I use outside key control?

Last Updated: 12/16/2013

There can be multiple reasons why the Detex ECL-230D bolt won't respond to outside key control.

First, remove the Detex unit from the door and check the following things:
1. Make sure the retaining spring was removed from the back of the casting.
2. Make sure the outside key control (OKC) shaft/cam isn't damaged and the push nut is securely fastened.
3. Make sure the tailpiece sticks out 5/8" past the reinforcing plate.
4. Check index marks to make sure they're aligned.
5. Use screwdriver on cam and turn left and right to check outside key control function.
6. Finally, retract the bolt, ensure proper alignment, take out the key, and install the body of the lock. The cam cross slot should be engaged by the cylinder tailpiece.

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