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How do I replace the battery on my Detex ECL-230D?

Last Updated: 12/16/2013

Follow these simple steps to change the battery on the Detex ECL-230D:

1. Turn the cylinder key counterclockwise one full turn. This will simultaneously deactivate the alarm and unlock the door.
2. Turn the cover lock key 8 full turns counterclockwise.
3. Lift the cover up to release it from the back plate. Swing the cover and the lever out of the way.
4. Disconnect the old battery from its holder and replace it with a new 9 volt battery.
5. Put the cover (and lever) back into position.
6. Use the cover lock key to hold the cover back in place. Make sure not to over-tighten.
7. Turn the cylinder key clockwise one full turn to lock and arm the device.

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