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Can the Macurco HD-11 Hydrogen Gas Detector be used in industrial facilities?

By Petra Paulson No, the HD-11 Hydrogen Gas Detector is not meant for industrial facilities. This includes refineries, distilleries, factories, and other industrial plants. Here are a few things to c

How do I mount the Macurco HD-11 hydrogen gas detector?

By Petra Paulson Here are some easy to follow mounting instructions for your Macurco HD-11 detector. Designed for use with alarm control panels to monitor levels of hydrogen gas, this product require

How does the Macurco HD-11 work?

By Petra Paulson The operation of the Macurco HD-11 Hydrogren Gas Detector is easy to understand. Important information is provided below. 1. Expect your HD-11 to "warm-up" for about 2 minutes when y

What is the Macurco HD-11 used for?

By Petra Paulson The Macurco HD-11 is a low voltage (12-24VAC or VDC) dual relay hydrogen gas detector. Designed for compatibility with a control panel or other building management equipment, this pr

Where do I mount my HD-11 gas detector?

By Petra Paulson It is best to mount the Macurco HD-11 Hydrogen Gas Detector high up in a room, especially in areas containing sources of hydrogen gas. Mount the detector on a flat, fixed service, an