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How do I change the code on my 2835 keyless lever lock?

By Petra Paulson Follow the instructions below to change the user code on your Lockey 2835MG Keyless Lever Lock . Press and hold the "C" button to start programming your lock. Change the user code by

How do I change the code on my 2835 Lever Lock?

By Petra Paulson Follow these instructions to change the code for the 2835 Lever Lock : 1. Remove the four red screws from the back of the lock body. 2. Disconnect the cover plate carefully. 3. Hold

How do I disable the passage function on my 2835DC Lever Handle?

By Petra Paulson The 2835DC Lever Handle comes with the passage function enabled. To disable passage function, simply remove the Y-Pin while changing your user code. Leaving the Y-Pin slot empty will

How do I enable the passage function on my 2835 Lever Lock?

By Petra Paulson To enable passage function on the 2835MG ... Push the "C" button, then the "Y" button. Now enter your user code. The lever proceed to operate without self-locking. To disable passage

Is the Lockey 2835MG good for janitor or custodial closets?

By Petra Paulson Yes, the 2835MG Lever Handle is a fantastic lock for securing janitor closets, or any room where hazardous chemicals are stored. The 2835MG comes with an optional self-locking featur

What does it mean if my 2835 Lever Lock has changeable handling?

By Petra Paulson Changeable or reversible handling means the 2835MG Lever Handle Lock works on left and right handed doors. Lockey designs most of its keyless locks with reversible handles, which mak