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How do I adjust the sensitivity of a 5800PIR motion detector?

By Petra Paulson The 5800PIR-RES has two settings: Low Sensitivity and High Sensitivity. To set the detector on low sensitivity, program the device as Loop 1. This is the pet immunity mode. Pet immun

How do I mount a 5800PIR-RES Motion Sensor and pair it with the L5100 Control Panel?

By Petra Paulson Mounting the 5800PIR-RES ... Start by finding a mounting location at the 5800PIR-RES's suggested height of 7.5-8 feet off the floor, preferably in the corner of a room. Remove the

Is it okay to mount a 5800PIR-RES at 7 feet?

By Petra Paulson It would be safer to mount the 5800PIR-RES at 7.5 to 8 feet off the floor. The reason for this is because the 5800PIR-RES was designed specifically to be mounted at that height. &nbs

What does the blinking red light mean on my 5800PIR-RES?

By Petra Paulson When the 5800PIR-RES is in power up mode, a red LED light will blink repeated every second. The 5800PIR-RES enters a walk-test mode immediately following power up.  While in wal

Will a dog or cat set off my 5800PIR-RES motion detector?

By Petra Paulson You can program the detector to ignore animals under 80 pounds. The 5800PIR-RES has a pet immunity function already installed, which can be engaged when the device is programmed to l