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How do I mount a 5800PIR-RES Motion Sensor and pair it with the L5100 Control Panel?

Last Updated: 11/13/2013
Mounting the 5800PIR-RES...

Start by finding a mounting location at the 5800PIR-RES's suggested height of 7.5-8 feet off the floor, preferably in the corner of a room. Remove the back plate and drill behind it into the wall. Use those drill holes to install the wall anchors, replace the back plate, and screw it in.

Line up the front of the device with the back plate and snap it together. Do a walk-test by moving around the detection area and watching for the LED light indicator. This will make sure the sensor is working properly. The sensor will automatically stay in walk-test mode for ten minutes after the batteries are inserted into the device.

Linking the 5800PIR-RES to the L5100 Control Panel...

Start at the L5100 home screen. Press "more", then "tools", then enter your installer code ("4112 is the default). Select "program", then "zones", select the first new zone and choose "edit". Select the box labeled "serial number" and type in the device's serial number (printed on the device face plate). You can also auto-enroll the sensor during walk test mode by activating the device three times.

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