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How do I connect a GSMV4G Cellular Communicator to the Vista 15P Control Panel?

By Petra Paulson To Install the Cellular Communicator... Mount the GSMV4G's plastic enclosure on the wall beside the Vista 15P , unless there is poor cellular reception where your Vista 15P is locate

How do I install the 7847i internet communicator to my Vista 15P Control Panel?

By Petra Paulson You follow the same steps as you would if installing the 7847i to a Vista 20P . First, open the 7847i enclosure by pushing in the tabs located at the bottom of the device. Turn off t

How do I wire sirens to the Vista 15P Control Panel?

By Petra Paulson Here's how to wire sirens to your Vista 15P ... Terminals 3 and 4 on the Vista 15P Control Panel are designated for wired sirens. If you want to connect multiple sirens, you will

How does the Vista 15P compare to the Lynx Touch 5100?

By Petra Paulson The Lynx Touch is a self-contained security system; the Vista 15P is just a circuit board.  But each has its own, unique set of features. The Lynx Touch is easier to install. Th