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How does the Vista 15P compare to the Lynx Touch 5100?

Last Updated: 11/08/2013
The Lynx Touch is a self-contained security system; the Vista 15P is just a circuit board.  But each has its own, unique set of features.

The Lynx Touch is easier to install.

The Vista 15P requires the user to install an alphanumeric keypad, like the 6160, for basic programming functions and complex *56 zone programming.  The Vista 15P also requires users to connect sirens, sensors, and other zone devices. The Lynx touch is easier to install because it has a keypad, siren, and wireless receiver built-in to the control panel.

Both systems support dual-path communication.

The Lynx Touch works with two internet communicators:  the L5100 WiFi Module and the ILP5.  The Vista 15P only works with one -- the 7847i internet communicator.  The Lynx Touch functions with the GSMVLP5-4G cellular communicator.  The Vista 15P works with two cellular communicators -- the GSMX4G and the GSMV4G.  The Total Connect service is available for both security panels.

Vista 15P supports more hardwired zones and user codes.  The Lynx Touch supports more wireless zones.

The Vista 15P works with up to 22 hardwired zones and 26 wireless zones.  A wireless receiver, like the 5881ENH, is required to gain access to these zones.  The Lynx Touch has one hardwired zone but sixty-three wireless zones.  The 15P operates with 32 user codes; the Lynx Touch works with 16.

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