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Can I install a GFMV4G Cellular Communicator on my Vista 21iP?

By Petra Paulson It is not recommended that you install the GSMV4G with your Vista 21iP  unless you are trying to get increased cellular signal strength to your panel. Because the Vista 21iP alr

Does the Vista 21iP communicator work with wireless WiFi?

By Petra Paulson No, the Vista 21iP cannot connect to a wireless router.   AlarmNet communicators require a direct connection using an Ethernet cable.  Cellular communicators, like the GSM4

How do I install a 7847i Internet Communicator to the Vista 21iP Control Panel?

By  Petra Paulson You should not have to install the 7847i on your Vista 21iP because it already comes with a 7847i internet communicator built directly into the board. However...   In the

How do I install an IP internet communicator?

By Petra Paulson Most IP communicators must be activated by a manufacturer's registered dealer/monitoring company for proper installation. There are a multitude of internet communicators to choose fr

How do I install the GSM4G Cellular Communicator on the Vista 21iP?

By Petra Paulson The GSM4G is built specifically to snap right onto the Vista 21iP Control Panel . Doing so creates a dual-path system.  Since the Vista 21iP already has a 7847i built into the p

How many sirens will work with the Vista 21iP?

By Petra Paulson The number changes depending on how many amps the siren requires. There is 1 terminal set on your Vista 21iP for alarm sirens .  But this can be solved relatively easily with pa

Is a Vista 21iP compatible with Total Connect?

By Petra Paulson Yes, the Vista 21iP works with Total Connect. The Vista 21iP comes with a built-in 7847i  IP communicator which allows it to work with Total Connect.  If you have a Vista 2

Is the Lynx Touch compatible with the Vista 15P, 20P, and 21iP?

By Petra Paulson No, the LYNX Touch is not compatible with these panels. The LYNX Touch is more than just a keypad.  It's a control panel too.  Generally there's confusion over this, becaus