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Is a Vista 21iP compatible with Total Connect?

Last Updated: 11/06/2013

Yes, the Vista 21iP works with Total Connect.

The Vista 21iP comes with a built-in 7847i IP communicator which allows it to work with Total Connect.  If you have a Vista 20P, you can easily install a 7847i to achieve IP communication capability.  Also, you can make your Vista 21iP a dual-path communicating device by adding a cellular communicator for more reliable Total Connect communication.

Total Connects lets the user turn the system on/off, receive event log messages, and more, all using a computer, tablet, or phone.  Total Connect's remote home automation features will not work with the Vista 21iP because the Tuxedo Touch Keypad is its automation device, and that keypad is not yet compatible with Total Connect.

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