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How many sirens will work with the Vista 21iP?

Last Updated: 11/06/2013
The number changes depending on how many amps the siren requires.

There is 1 terminal set on your Vista 21iP for alarm sirens.  But this can be solved relatively easily with parallel wiring.  You must connect the positive siren terminals to control panel terminal 3, and all the siren negatives to control panel terminal 4.

Now you have to determine the current requirements of the sirens you plan to install.  The panel's built-in power supply can handle a total of a 2 amp draw from 12VDC sirens.  A Honeywell WAVE2 siren, for instance, requires 0.5 amps.  Divide that into the total available current your Vista 21iP allows (2.0 amps), and you'll find you can install up to 4 WAVE2 sirens. If you choose the Honeywell 702 siren, which requires 1.2 amps, you can only install 1.

However, there is always the option of adding an auxiliary power supply, like the Honeywell AD12612, to supplement your built-in power and provide the current needed to support additional sirens.

Another option is to install a wireless receiver, like the 5881ENL.  This receiver supports up to 8 wireless zones, which you can use to install wireless 5800WAVE sirens, which operate off of power from a wall outlet.  Plus there's no messy wiring.

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