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How can I open the door if the battery dies on my EPRO-R Electronic Lever Lock?

By Petra Paulson By using a key to unlock your EPRO-R . Without power, the EPRO-R touchscreen will not operate. This means the door can no longer be opened with a user code or the Lockey E-Remote . H

How do I change the handling on my EPRO-R Electronic Touchscreen Lever Lock?

By Petra Paulson The EPRO-R Electronic Touchscreen Lever Lock is designed to have adjustable handling. Here's how to change it: 1. Unlock the EPRO-R. 2. Remove the exterior lock unit sleeve. 3. Rotat

How do you change the programming code on the EPRO-R Electronic Lever Lock?

Follow these instructions to reprogram your EPRO-R Electronic Lever Lock . 1. Enter your current programming code. (The default programming code is "0000".) 2. Press Enter (left arrow). 3. Press "4".

How do you restore the Lockey EPro-R to its original factory settings?

By Petra Paulson Follow these instructions to restore the Lockey EPro-R Electronic Lock ... 1. Remove the lock batteries. 2. Press down keypad keys for three seconds. 3. Reinsert the lock batteries,