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How can I open the door if the battery dies on my EPRO-R Electronic Lever Lock?

Last Updated: 12/16/2013

By using a key to unlock your EPRO-R.

Without power, the EPRO-R touchscreen will not operate. This means the door can no longer be opened with a user code or the Lockey E-Remote. However, the EPRO-R, and all E-Digital Series Locks, have built-in key overrides designed for this very situation. If the battery dies, simply insert the E-Digital key into the traditional key hole and unlock your door.

To replace the batteries...
open the battery holder at the top of the lock unit. Replace the old batteries with 4 AA Alkaline batteries and reconnect the battery cover. In the future, pay attention to the low battery indicator light on the cover. It will blink red and sound 10 audible beeps when the battery is low.

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