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Security Sensors Industrial Sensors
Active infrared beams, passive infrared beams and other sensors for perimeter protection, CCTV activation, intruder detection and many more applications
Photo-Electric and Laser sensors for factory line automation, product detection on conveyor belts or many more other industrial related applications
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Takex FS2000E Flame Sensor Takex PA6810E Passive Infrared Sensor Takex PB-30TK Photoelectric Beam Sensor
Our Price: $175.00
Our Price: $57.11
Our Price: $99.44
FS-2000E Takex | JMAC Supply PA-6810E Takex | JMAC Supply PB-30TK Takex | JMAC Supply
Takex PB-IN-200HF Photoelectric Beam Sensor Takex PS520W White Request-to-Exit Door Sensor Takex PR-11BE Photoelectric Beam Sensor
Our Price: $399.85
Our Price: $61.44
Our Price: $146.95
PB-IN-200HF Takex | JMAC Supply PS-520W Takex | JMAC Supply PR-11BE Takex | JMAC Supply
Takex PXB-100ATC Photoelectric Beam Sensor Takex MS-12FE PIR Detector Takex PA15WE Passive Infrared Sensor
Our Price: $718.85
Our Price: $217.00
Our Price: $166.00
PXB-100ATC Takex | JMAC Supply MS-12FE Takex | JMAC Supply PA-15WE Takex | JMAC Supply
Takex PB10TNS Photoelectric Beam Sensor Takex PR1B Photoelectric Beam Sensor Takex MS100E Sensor switch
Our Price: $149.00
Our Price: $74.34
Our Price: $98.95
PB-10TNS Takex | JMAC Supply PR-1B Takex | JMAC Supply MS-100E Takex | JMAC Supply
Takex PB-60TK Photoelectric Beam Sensor Takex PBIN100HF Photoelectric Beam Sensor Takex AV-100E Horn Speaker
Our Price: $106.40
Our Price: $374.95
Our Price: $245.06
PB-60TK Takex | JMAC Supply PB-IN-100HF Takex | JMAC Supply AV-100E Takex | JMAC Supply
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