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Keyscan SDACSKT LUNA Single Door Access Control Smart Kit
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Keyscan SDACSKT LUNA Single Door Access Control Smart Kit

  • Also known as: CQ-SDACSKT, KEY-SDACSKT

  • Keyscan SDACSKT provides efficient access control for small businesses. Cost-effective security solution for 1 to 6 doors. Keyscan LUNA has an SDAC access control device and free software. This building security technology is popular with small businesses. JMAC offers wholesale prices and same-day delivery to US and Canadian destinations. Keyscan LUNA access control system secures small business and other doors.
    • Whats more, this software solution is comprehensive and totally easy to use. It can be downloaded and run from a USB drive with no recurring or licensing fees.
    • Keyscan LUNA system features:
    • Dual processors for a full panel operation
    • WLAN connectivity
    • Dual reader ports
    • Easily downloadable software that can manage up to six SDAC units
    • Filter transaction reports
    • A powered relay rating 500 mA at 12 VDC
    • The Keyscan Software component brings the following capabilities to your building access control system:
    • Seamless management of uses, including assigning credentials and permissions
    • Management of hardware (up to 6 SDAC control units)
    • Permission levels and user groups
    • Pre-scheduled access

    Technical Specifications:

    • SDAC Specifications:
    • 1 Door Supported
    • 2 In & Out Reader ports
    • 1.7 lbs (780g) Weight
    • 6.875 inches from left to right
    • 7.625 inches from top to bottom
    • 1.75 inches from front to back
    • Made of 22-Gauge steel with black powder coat
    • Withstands environmental temperatures between 320 F to 1200 F (00 C to 490 C)
    • Non-condensing humidity between 0 % to 90 % RH,
    • +12 volt power supply (independent DC power input)
    • Between 170 mA (milliamps) to max 200 mA in SDAC current
    • 802.11 Wireless Network Adapter (b/g/n )
    • Resettable Fuses for PTC:
    • 500 milliamps in Reader port 1
    • 500 milliamps in Reader port 2
    • 500 milliamps in Door output
    • 300 milliamps in RTE Port
    • Requires LUNA┬? Software
    • Must be installed Indoors
    • LUNA Software Specifications
    • CPU must be equivalent or better than an Intel Core i3
    • 8 GB DDR4 Computer Memory with 2400 MHz speed
    • 7200-RPM Hard Drive (at least 100-GB of free disk space)
    • Supports Windows 10, 8, and 7 Operating Systems
    • 802.11 Wireless Network Adapter (b/g/n compatibility)
    • Use with Keyboard & Mouse, USB Port, Video Card with at least 1024 by 768 resolution
    • K-SMART3 Specifications
    • Mullion dimensions are 4.4375-inches by 1.6875-inches x 0.6875-inches
    • Switch plate dimensions are 4.75-inches x 3-inches x 0.625-inches
    • 1-inch credential Read Range (On or Off metal) with ISO type card
    • Read ranges are omnidirectional
    • Actual BLE mobile read ranges will differ based upon the mobile device manufacturer and model number type (cannot specify because of these aspects)
    • 12VDC reader input voltage
    • 125mA in normal current draw
    • 12-inch cable wire (pigtail standard) & 500 feet Wiegand interface including 6 conductor shielded 22 American wire gauge
    • Unit can withstand temperatures between - 40┬░ F to 150.8┬░ F in an operating environment
    • Includesa a K-PC2 reader programming command card to toggle the enhanced features of Keyscan (Present3 & heartbeat)
    • Includes a BLE1 programming card to edit BLE reader range setting (short, medium, long or maximum) (BLE1 cards sold separately as a package of five)
    • Secured in weather and tamper-resistant potting for easy installation anywhere
    • NFPA 70 connections only
    • Do not connect Reader and/or control unit power sources to a receptacle controlled by a switch
    • Certifications includes CAN/ULC-S319-5 - First Edition; FCC ID: WFW-KSMART3 & IC: 5241A-KSMART3; ETSI EN 301 489-1 V2.1.1 (2017-02); ETSI EN 301 489-3 V2.1.1 (2017-03); ETSI EN 301 489-17 V3.1.1 (2017-02); EN 55032: 2012/AC:2013, ETSI EN 300 330 V2.1.1 (2017-02); ETSI EN 300 328 V2.1.1 (2016-11); Canadian Industrial Design Certificate of Registration: 169,198 and 169,199.
    • K-SECURE 1K Specifications
    • 13.56MHz frequency smartcard
    • Keyscan 36-bit Format
    • Made of Gloss white PVC
    • Date code and ID Marking1
    • Up to 2.75-inches Read Range
    • CSN and Sector outputs
    • Dimensions are 2.1-inches W by 3.3-inches Height by 0.031-inches Depth
    • 0.19 ounces in weight
    • The unit can withstand temps between -35┬░ F to 122┬░ F in environments
    • Will not condensate between 0-95%
    • 1K & 4K Memory (Ideal for third-party apps and use like biometrics, logical network access and cashless vending)
    • Inline with ISO Standards Technology such as ISO 7810 (ID-1) (CR-80) size and graphics quality ISO 14443
    • Works with Keyscan K-SMART3; K-SMART; K-SKPR readers
    • For custom cards or any other customization, contact dormakaba Canada.

    UPC: 800168009682

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