Wires and Cable Dangers - A Guide to Electrical Safety

Although it isn't something that is readily visible under normal circumstances, electricity plays a major role in the lives of people living in a modern society. Electricity powers homes, appliances and computers, it allows people to communicate with one another and it provides the power needed to illuminate the world. Despite its importance, many people take it for granted and may ignore the dangers that are associated with it. When equipment is damaged, incorrectly installed or wired, not cared for in the proper manner or handled inappropriately, electricity presents a potentially deadly problem. In fact, even household pets can cause problems that create a dangerous electrical situation. In some instances faulty or damaged electrical items can cause a fire, which is responsible for some 26,100 fires in homes yearly according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Another common and potentially fatal danger is electrocution, or electrical shock that comes from inappropriate contact with electricity. This can happen to adults, but also to children and pets who are unaware of potential electrical threats. Fortunately these dangers are avoidable, and both adults and children can be educated on proper electrical safety.