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How do I program my 5834-4 Keyfob?

Last Updated: 11/08/2013
Programming your 5834-4 Keyfob...

Make sure you have your 4-digit installer code (default "4112") is handy.  From the home screen of your control panel keypad, click "more", then "tools".  Now enter your installer code.  Click "Program", then the "keys" menu.  Click "Add New".  Select "Serial Number".  

There are two ways to enter your serial number.  You can do it manually by typing in the keyfob's 7-digit serial number and clicking "Done".  The serial number is the 7 digit number immediately following the letter "A" on your keyfob device.

You can also try to auto-enroll the device.  Press and hold a button on your keyfob.  The keypad will beep.  Press and hold the button again, and your serial number will automatically be sent to your keypad.  Press it a third time to enroll the device.

You can configure Button Keys 1-4 as you so please, or stick with the current default programming.

The final step is to map your keyfob to a specific user.  Click "User".  If you have only one keyfob, click "Master".  If you have multiple keyfobs, you can assign those to specific users.  Click "Save".

Make sure to allow installer re-entry by clicking "yes".  Your 5834-4 keyfob is now programmed to work with your Honeywell Control Panel.

Return to the home screen and test your keyfob to make sure it's operating correctly.

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