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Can I self-monitor my Honeywell Security System?

Last Updated: 12/02/2013
Yes, you can self-monitor your Honeywell security system.

Self-monitoring has a clear upside: it's a much cheaper security option, but it comes with the risk of not having a central station to back you up. That said, as far as self-monitoring goes, the Eyez-On Envisa Link 3 is your best bet. The Envisa link is an IP module that mounts directly to security systems like DSC PowerSeries and Honeywell Vista Panels

The Elk Premium Control Board Kit is also a good self-monitoring system. Its built-in voice dialer can call up to 8 phone numbers and send automated alerts. The integrated telephone remote can control temperature settings, water heaters, garage doors, lighting schemes, and sprinkler systems. This is a great option if avoiding the monthly cost of using a central monitoring station is your primary goal.

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