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How do I install a GSMV4G cellular communicator on the Vista 250BPT?

Last Updated: 11/07/2013
To connect a GSMV4G to the Vista 250BPT Control Panel, you follow most of the same steps you would to connect it to the Vista 128BPT.

To install the GSMV4G Cellular Communicator...

Shut off power to the Vista 250BPT by disconnecting the AC transformer and the back-up battery.  Now its time to connect terminals 3-6 on the GSMV4G to 6-9 ECP terminals on the Vista 250BPT using four-conductor wire.  

GSMV4G's 3rd terminal to the Control Panel's 6th terminal using the red wire.
GSMV4G's 4th terminal to the Control Panel's 7th terminal using the black wire.
GSMV4G's 6th terminal to the Control Panel's 8th terminal using the yellow wire. 
GSMV4G's 5th terminal to the Control Panel's 9th terminal using the green wire.

Once the communicator is connected to the panel in parallel with any wireless receivers or alarm keypads, its time to restore power.  Use two-conductor wire to connect the GSMV4G to AC terminals 1 and 2 on the transformer.  It's important to note that this Vista Panel can't share a transformer configuration.  Therefore, the Vista 250BPT and the GSMV4G cellular communicator must use separate transformers.  

Once the panel and cellular communicator are connected to separate transformers, connect the battery back-up, close the GSMV4G's cover, and plug in the transformers to complete the installation.

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