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How do you mount the Lockey TB100 TurtleBack Gate Closer?

Last Updated: 12/12/2013
By Follow these instructions to mount your Lockey TB100 TurtleBack.

1. Hold the anchor bar against the gate with the hinge bracket. Align the hinge bracket edge with the edge of the door casing. Mark one of the hinge bracket holes and drill a 3/16" hole. Insert a 1.5" wood screw. Mortise the hinge bracket if the post is round.

2. Swing the anchor bar against the gate and outline it. Swing the anchor bar away and make a .75" vertical line from the end of the slot. Align the anchor connector plate with the .75" mark. Now mark the two connector plate screws and drill 1/8" holes. Insert clevis pin A into connector plate B. Attach anchor connector plate with screws. Add slide washers on clevis pin. Swing anchor bar over connector plate. clevis pin will be sent through the anchor slot. Add steel washer to the pin and insert cotter pin into clevis pin hole.

3. If gate swings freely, put in remaining hinge bracket screws.

4. Make sure speed adjusting screw and filler screw are facing up and toward you. Then mount hydraulic-spring assembly onto anchor bar. Secure hinge knuckle with a nut after aligning it between the hinge bracket and hinge bolt. Now connect the second hinge knuckle to the anchor bar. Secure hinge bolt with a nut after insertion.

5. Take wing key out of piston rod to allow the gate to close. Keep the wing key in a safe place. It will be used again if the hydraulic spring assembly needs to be removed.

6. Adjust the speed screw clockwise to decrease closing speed. Turn counterclockwise to make the gate close faster.

7. Snap the cover back onto the hydraulic cylinder.

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