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What's the difference between the System Sensor CO1224T Detector and a traditional CO detector?

Last Updated: 12/04/2013

The primary difference is the System Sensor CO1224T has an advanced electrochemical sensor, while traditional CO detectors do not.

Electrochemical detectors, like the System Sensor CO1224T, are some of the most sensitive and versatile detectors on the market. They can detect trace levels of carbon monoxide gas in the air, providing advanced security solutions for residential and commercial facilities alike. When the sensor comes in contact with carbon monoxide, a reaction takes place that creates an electrical signal in direct proportion to the amount of CO gas in the air. An alarm is triggered when that signal reaches a pre-programmed amplitude.

The CO1224T also has a test button built directly into the device. Simply press and hold the button for two seconds, then spray a burst of CO testing spray into the detector. The alarm will sound shortly thereafter if functioning properly.

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