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How do I know when my 250-CO needs to be replaced?

Last Updated: 12/03/2013

green flashing LED light will be accompanied by repeated siren chirps when the GE 250-CO SafeAir Carbon Monoxide Detector needs to be replaced.

The GE 250-CO is a discontinued product and should be replaced by the newer, 260-CO carbon monoxide detector.
The 260-CO detector also includes an adapter plate that can be used to replace the 240-COe carbon monoxide detector.

The 260-CO has a 10 year service life (3 years longer than the 250-CO). It uses an advanced electro-chemical sensor to monitor carbon monoxide levels in range of the detector. The device's compact design inconspicuously blends in with just about any environment or decor. Not only that, but the 260-CO integrates seamlessly with intrusion security systems, like the Honeywell Control Panels, or fire alarm systems, and operates off of a relatively low power supply.

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