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Will the 5818MNL work with my Lynx Touch L5100?

Last Updated: 12/02/2013

Yes, the 5818MNL will work with the wireless Lynx Touch L5100, and with Honeywell Vista Panels equipped with a wireless receiver.

The 5818MNL is...
a recessed, wireless door/window sensor which fits inside a 3/4" hole drilled into a door/window jam. It works with a magnet installed on the corresponding door or window. When the access point is opened, the sensor and magnet separate, and an alarm is triggered.

Generally, the 5818MNL and its cousin, the 5800RPS wireless recessed sensor, are used on doors. However, the 5800RPS uses a roller plunger, not a magnet. The 5800MICRA recessed sensor is commonly used as a window contact. It's important to note that wireless recessed contacts are not the best choice for steel doors, because metal often interferes with the transmitted signal.

Recessed sensors have a low-profile design and are a great choice for users who want to prevent unsightly security sensors from encroaching on their home's decor.

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