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How does the UltraTech 1240 battery compare with the UltraTech 1270?

Last Updated: 11/25/2013

The main difference between the UT1240 and UT1270 batteries lie in their Ah capacity and size.

The UT1240 has 4.5Ah (replaces any UT1240 4 or 4.5Ah battery) and is smaller in size. It weighs 3.63 pounds (1.65 kilograms) an has a maximum discharge current of 22.5 amps. The UT1270 has a larger capacity, at 7Ah, and a weight of 5.42 pounds (2.46 kilograms). It has a maximum discharge current of 35 amps. Accordingly, the UT1270 can draw more amperes of current over a 20 hour period than the UT1240.


Both the UT1240 and UT1270 are rechargeable, 12 Volt SLA batteries used as backup power supplies for residential and small commercial burglar systems, fire systems, low voltage lighting, and uninterruptible power supply systems. Both have F1 (0.187") connector terminals and work with Honeywell Ademco Alarm panels, Napco, DSC, and GE. With a maintenance free, non-spillable design, these batteries are convenient to use and high-performing.

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