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What is the Casil CA631 SLA Battery used for?

Last Updated: 11/22/2013

The Casil CA631 can be used to provide power to just about any device requiring a 6V 3.1Ah battery, but it is most often used to power GSM Cellular Communicators, like the 7845.

This battery is compatible with emergency lights and can accommodate both residential and commercial installations. The Casil CA631 is one of the most common power supplies used with Honeywell, Napco, and Monitronics brand devices.

What are GSM Cellular Communicators?
A GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) is a cellular device that is mounted to an alarm panel, like a Honeywell Control Panel, in order to provide a backup wireless line of communication with a user's central monitoring station. Cellular communicators are rapidly growing in popularity because they are more reliable than internet communicators, like the 7847i, and they act as a communication safety net should a home telephone line become damage or cut. Even in a power outage situation, a GSM communicator can send wireless alarm signals over a cellular network.

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